How a Pawn Shop works

A “pawn” is a loan of money given on the value of a piece of real property or asset that is held as collateral by the pawnbroker until the loan is repaid.  Items left for collateral range from home electronics, jewelry, vehicles, tools, or any other item of value that would remain in our warehouse until the loan amount is repaid with interest.

Loan amounts are determined by taking the new or verifiable market value of the secured collateral and deducting a percentage of that value and using that as the loan amount.  Generally, the loan amount is equal to 25% to 1/3 of the market value of the collateral.  The loan term is thirty days.  The customer has the option of redeeming their collateral at the amount that they borrowed plus an interest fee or simply paying the accrued interest amount by the end of the loan term  to extend their loan for another thirty day period.

Items not redeemed or not renewed by the end of the loan term are susceptible to being sold to re-coup the cost of the loan, plus any amount over that up to fair market value.

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